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"From just a room, to mass housing deployment, Neotech systems have enough solutions to offer , that will give your house the smarter edge."

HomeSmart – Smart Need for Smarter homes…

Improvements in technology and the massive growth of the World economy are leading to a technological life style that is perhaps best exemplified by smart homes. Home automation has the power to simplify everything within your home and life. So we bring you an intelligent solution for this, HomeSmart, which give home owners the power to fuse together their entertainment, lighting, temperature control and security into a single console.

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Neotech’s success timeline

Leading real estate giants have been our major clients. Skyon is amongst one of the most technologically advanced project in the home automation segment. Skyon features a number of innovative conveniences which are controlled through the HomeSmart application which is a central platform that allows one to manage the entire household with the touch of a button.We have successfully integrated all those luxurious homes with our HomeSmart, thus, setting a new benchmark for our company.

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"With our hectic lives and schedules, it is no wonder that our dependence on smart devices are increasing with every passing day. We understand the need of emerging era of time management and efficiency."