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Neotech’s HomeSmart is an intelligent devices which can provide more sophisticated control of the daily household activities that includes lighting, door, and key electrical appliances control management.


The following are the components which HomeSmart has to offer.

 Automatic Curtain Control: Curtain automation gives freedom from manual as well as automatic control of curtains to feel light and air. Curtain automation also allows user to decide timeline for opening and closing of curtains.

 Keypad: Keypad comes with authenticity when it comes to enter main door of the apartment. Users need not to put lock on the main entrance gate of the apartment as keypad gives you the digital interface.

 Light Dimmers: When dimming a lamp the energy saved is as high as 98% of the proportion of unused energy. Because the human eye perceives light non-linearly, it is possible to reduce light levels by over 10% before the reduction in brightness is noticed. This would lead to a near 10% saving in energy consumption. A 50% reduction in dimming levels would save around 40% of the energy. HomeSmart also provides suitable profile for diming the light according to your mood.

 Motion Sensing: Motion sensing is linked to energy saving concept, introduction of motion sensing electrical circuits made it possible to save energy when no one is present in the premises. Motion sensors automatically controls the lights with the movements within premises and saves energy in absence of individuals in the premises.

 Dual Metering: Dual Energy Meter keeps the wiring to minimum as single power feeding lines are utilized for DG Set as well as for Mains (Grid) power supply.

 Video Door Phone (VDP) with panic button: A video phone can be understood as a device with a built-in camera and screen for visual to facilitate real-time communication across the door. Home video phone enables -

  • Enables you to view and interact with the visitor without opening the door.
  • Lock & Unlock your door with just the touch of a button.
  • Nigh Vision Camera enables you to view the person outside even at night.