Neotech’s Success timeline


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Neotech’s success timeline

Leading real estate giants have been our major clients. Skyon is amongst one of the most technologically advanced project in the home automation segment. Skyon features a number of innovative conveniences which are controlled through the HomeSmart application which is a central platform that allows one to manage the entire household with the touch of a button.We have successfully integrated all those luxurious homes with our HomeSmart, thus, setting a new benchmark for our company.

Apartments at Skyon are well equipped with features of Neotech’s home automation such as-

 Mood light controls: Allows one to control lighting intensity inside the home, to create the ambience of choice.

 Automatic Curtain Control: lets you control the drawing/opening of your floor-to-ceiling curtains at the flick of a switch.

 Pre-setting Electrical Gadgets: lets you preset operation times of routinely used household gadgets like geyser, air conditioner, washing machine etc.

 Master Switch: lets you set customizable profile settings to control electrical gadgets across the entire home – e.g. IN/OUT/MAID/HOLIDAY settings.

 Remote Door Unlock with Video Phone facility: Allows you to remotely unlock the front door using the iHome console.The iHome console gives the comfort of opening and closing of the door from anywhere in the home. Moreover, one can see the image of the visitor on i-home console and talk to him before opening the door.

 Digital Keypad: Family members can use a digital code to open the door from outside. There is no need for duplicate keys for each family member.

 Fire / Gas Alarms: has an intelligent sensor to detect gas leakage and fire breakout.

 Intelligent in house wiring: brings multiple practical conveniences including ability to choose multiple cable operators, IPTV, and broadband across different rooms.

For all this, Neotech have been flourished with happy customers who gave us a strong positive feedback for our work. The confidence shown by customers in our products firmly concludes that Neotech’s Home Automation products has got the ability to perform well in mass housing deployment environments.